08 novembre 2020


A quarant'anni dal primo splendido Miniatures - e a venti dal secondo - esce tra pochi giorni un esteso omaggio a quella storica iniziativa di Morgan Fisher, con sua approvazione: oltre due ore di contributi, con un centinaio di musicisti coinvolti, molti dei quali presenti già nella prima raccolta. Un video promozionale - della durata anch'esso di un minuto - ne anticipa alcuni nomi, ma il curatore Barry Lamb ancora non si sbilancia: "I am so proud of everyone involved. This is a really engaging and compelling listen. That's a major accomplishment given the affection toward and cultural significance of the original album. It clocks in at what some us would remember in the old days as a triple album with over 100 musicians delivering 124 tracks of one minute (or thereabouts) each. So it's no mean feat to listen end to end in one sitting and be left wanting to hear more. Miniatures 2020 features a number of artists that were on the original and the much loved sequel along with many underground legends and celebrated cult figures. It is an eclectic collection of musical adventures with a heartbeat. There are moments of incredible beauty, stirring passion, heartfelt reflection, bizarre absurdity and plenty of quirkiness. Special mentions to Big Al Davies for instigating the project, William Hayter who has done a really outstanding job of sequencing the tracks in such a way that it almost tells a story very current and relevent to what is happening in our world, Chris Cutler for making it all possible through his excellent label RēR and of course... Morgan Fisher for allowing us and even urging us to run away with a significant piece of his musical legacy."