16 novembre 2020


Altro celebre lavoro di Steve Reich di cui Boosey & Hawkes detiene la partitura è Variations for Winds, Strings and Keyboards (1979), indicato da Dale Berning Sawa - all'interno di un suo articolo per The Quietus sulle musiche ritenute più adatte per il lavoro da casa, anche in tempi di pandemia - come uno dei preferiti da Jonathan Coe: "The British satirist Jonathan Coe used to listen to music all the time while writing – unobtrusive early 20th century classical; ECM-style chamber jazz – but has recently found the quiet more conducive. "The perfect place to write," he said in an email, "is a train. I love the way the landscape rolls by outside the window, changing in ways which are subtle and slow but not too compelling. Something to look at if you need to, but which can also be ignored." The musical equivalent, and his all-time favourite piece to work to, is Steve Reich’s Variations for Winds, Strings and Keyboards."