25 novembre 2020


Disponibile via Bandcamp in forma leggermente diversa - e con diverso titolo, 7 Compositions - vede la luce anche in cd il nuovo affascinante lavoro dei Remote Viewers, Let The City Sleep, concepito e realizzato in tempo di pandemia con modalità e risultati sorprendenti anche agli occhi degli autori stessi: "These compositions began life as pieces written by Petts for various instrumental combinations, mostly focussed around reed instruments and double bass; in normal times we would have rehearsed these pieces with the allotted instruments, maybe played some concerts and then recorded. But, circumstances this year meant there was no way to get musicians together for rehearsals, much less perform concerts. And so the idea arose for Edwards to take the original scores as a starting point, re-work them using computer and electronic based sounds and arrive at different musical conclusions." Con David Petts e John Edwards ci sono Caroline Kraabel, Sue Lynch e Adrian Northover.