10 novembre 2020


In audiocassetta, limitatamente a cinquanta esemplari, è anche l'ultimo lavoro di Christophe Petchanatz consegnato a Tribe Tapes come KlimpereiPresque fini.

Tribe Tapes is honored to issue Klimperei's latest cassette, Presque fini. For over 30 years, Christophe Petchanatz (France) has used the alias of Klimperei to produce intricate, charming music that defies the conventions of genre. Avant-folk, minimalism, and toy-box music are all brought into the bigger picture. Presque fini was produced under the effects of quarantine and is a product of our times. Though the subject matter is serious, the music is never cynical. In the face of social isolation, Christophe has produced an incredibly human work. We hope too that the compositions on this tape bring you the same joy and optimism that they've brought us.