12 novembre 2020


Nel quinto volume di Vulneraries David Garland e il figlio Kenji incontrano Pamela Sitckney, accogliendo le aeree sonorità del suo theremin nelle cangianti trame prodotte dal loro sistema domestico - sintetizzatore modulare e chitarra a dodici corde - a beneficio della cara Anne: "Pamelia happened to be near my home in the Hudson Valley of New York State in June, 2019, during my wife Anne’s cancer treatments. As we’ve documented in the other volumes of Vulneraries, my son Kenji and I made music together during that period to help Anne and ourselves cope with what she was going through. While Anne rested and listened upstairs, Pamelia plugged her theremin into the connection between my modified 12-string guitar and Kenji’s modular synthesizer array so that both she and Kenji could resonate my strings, Kenji could influence and extend the guitar and theremin sounds, I could help color the timbres, and a unique musical interaction among the three of us became possible."