07 novembre 2020


Pienamente disponibile presso ReR, dopo l'incidente iniziale, il libro di Chris Cutler Not as We Choose: Music, Memory and Technology. Un gioiello.

In the late nineteenth century two facts conspired to change the face of music: the collapse of common practice tonality ,which overturned the certainties that had formerly underpinned the world of art music, and the invention of a revolutionary new form of memory - sound recording – which redefined musical practice in general and greatly empowered the world of popular music, in particular. These eight essays examine the impact of the new mnemonic system on musical production and perception, and investigate the continuing reconfiguration of our understanding of what music is, could be and is not as genres predicated on indeterminacy, or quasi-autonomous technologies - and novel forms such as sound-art, plunderphonics and soundscape - challenge and undermine our inherited paradigms. They also address the currently ambiguous status of intentionality, the reconfiguration of our understandings of locality and scale, the existential dangers of the loop, the obsolescence of the avant-garde, the ambiguity of plunderphonics and the role that evolutionary and ecological processes play in the morphogenesis of musical and post-musical sonic cultures.