20 dicembre 2020


E un accurato, ehm, studio sui misteriosi diari del misteriosissimo N Senada è stato condotto da Andrew Hook e pubblicato recentemente dall'Eyeball Museum: O For Obscurity, Or, The Story Of N. Il volumetto, oggi alla sua seconda edizione, è distribuito da Psychofon Records. Ne illustra l'origine l'autore stesso su YT.

O For Obscurity, Or, The Story Of N is a biography of The Mysterious N. Senada, the Bavarian musician who influenced the early music of The Residents, drawn from material discovered in the band’s archives long after Senada’s death. Working from encrypted diaries, Andrew Hook has managed to piece together Senada’s life from his beginnings in the Bavarian forest to his death in a nondescript hotel room. Focusing on the creative development of Pollex Christi whilst also illuminating the inspiration behind Eskimo, this book forms a unique insight into the mind of the man and his theories of Obscurity and Phonetic Organisation which so heavily influenced and defined The Residents.