28 dicembre 2020


E un bel dono al Cafe Oto lo fa anche Maggie Nicols, consegnando al catalogo Takuroku - al numero 100 - il suo primo vero titolo da solista in una carriera intensa e lunghissima: Creative Contradiction: Poetry, Story, Song & Sound.

While Maggie Nicols might be best known as an improviser, most notably in the Spontaneous Music Ensemble, Feminist Improvising Group and more recently with the likes of Les Diaboliques, her talents stretch into song, dance, poetry, performance and composition. This release, modestly recorded on her computer after teaching herself how to use Garageband during lock-down, brings forth her doubts, anxieties, loves and desires in a 13-part musical journey. Webbed through piano ballads, playful improvised ditties, stories, poetry and multi-layered vocal arrangements, Creative Contradiction feels like a long-overdue catch up with a close friend. There's reminiscing, there's laughter, there's tears, there's chatter that floats on and off topic, there's things shared you don't feel comfortable sharing with others. When the world around us makes these sorts of relationships difficult or rendered void, intimacy through art can feel like an act of generosity: a hand outstretched in the darkness.