05 dicembre 2020


Il concerto dei Soft Works al Namba Hatch di Osaka dell'11 agosto 2003 diventa Abracadabra in Osaka, doppio album prodotto da Leonardo Pavkovic con massima cura e giustificato orgoglio, visto che anche da lì prese il via la sua incredibile avventura personale e professionale con MoonJune Music e MoonJune Records. Il quartetto comprendeva Elton Dean, Allan Holdsworth, Hugh Hopper e John Marshall, poco prima che con l'ingresso di John Etheridge al posto di Holdsworth il progetto si trasformasse in Soft Machine Legacy.

Ricorda Leonardo: "In collaboration with Ken Kubernik, Abracadabra (up until now, the lone release by this exquisite lineup) was the first project I ever produced. Unfortunately, the career of the late, great Allan Holdsworth had its fair share of peaks and valleys. After a dozen shows in Japan and Italy, and festival gigs in the US and Mexico, Allan decided to bow out. [Shortly thereafter, he was replaced by UK guitar virtuoso, John Etheridge, which gave birth to 'Soft Machine Legacy.' (... and which has more recently adopted the original 'Soft Machine' moniker.)] Although sadly short lived, the creation of this progressive supergroup fundamentally changed my entire existence. Despite the lone studio album and only a small handful of live performances, the progressive genre is graced by our foresight to have recorded several of these shows. Abracadabra in Osaka represents the best of these recordings: serving as a living testimony of true musical icons, the group which unknowingly became the seed which would sprout, grow and blossom into MoonJune Records and MoonJune Music."