05 gennaio 2021


Le avventure dell'Incredible String Band raccontate da una delle protagoniste, Rose Simpson, sotto un personale punto di vista e con il beneficio dei molti anni intercorsi: "Muse Odalisque Handmaiden is my insider story of a legendary band that I played with from 1967-71, including Woodstock 1969. The Incredible String Band were England's answer to US Flower Power and its members were hippy icons. In the wilds of Scotland, we lived the life we sung about. I tell how it was to be a girl who never wanted to be either a musician or a star and became both for a while. I was determined to hold my own in a man's world and make the most of the experience. It is also a story of the times and its homely details will be familiar to anyone who was around then and of interest to those interested in the period or the ideas and ideals of hippydom."