14 gennaio 2021


Pete Whyman e il suo clarinetto sono tra gli assoluti protagonisti della strepitosa versione di Lu me sceccu riportata in scena - a trentatré anni da The Ass - dalla Uncommon Orchestra di Mike Westbrook nei concerti siciliani del 2018: quella ripresa in video a Palermo il 16 novembre fa ora parte della serie WestbrookJazz Moving Picture Show, che con il nuovo anno ha ripreso le pubblicazioni settimanali.

Scrve Mike: "We have waited more than thirty years for the opportunity to take the song back to its source. The short tour of November 2018 was our chance. I pulled out all the stops for what I hoped would be a symphonic ‘town band’ arrangement. In the ranks of the Uncommon Orchestra are three members of the original street band, Kate (this time without friscalettu) leading the ‘choir’ and introducing the piece in Italian, me (sans tuba) attempting to conduct, and Pete, dazzling and endlessly inventive on clarinet. Of course we wondered if it might seem presumptuous, tactless or plain embarrassing, for a jazz band to come and play to Sicilians their own folk music. We needn’t have worried. When it came to the braying, the whole house erupted."