15 gennaio 2021


Tra i buoni propositi di Martin Archer per l'anno nuovo c'è quello di rendere disponibili per la prima volta tramite Bandcamp i primi trentacinque titoli della sua Discus Music, prodotti tra il 1993 e il 2008. E con In Stereo Gravity inizia col botto: "During 2021 I’m making available for the first time the first 35 Discus Music releases (covering the years 1993-2008) on CD/DL via Bandcamp.  Most of these are releases either by myself or by Mick Beck. During this period I’d largely abandoned the jazz element of my music, and was working mainly with pre software era electronics to make music in which collage and chance procedure were the dominant forces, often combining electronic abstraction with live in the studio playing from the various musicians. The first release in this series is my 2008 double CD release In Stereo Gravity (Discus 33CD), which features great contributions from both Chris Cutler and Julie Tippetts amongst others. It was a summary of everything I’d learned to do in music up to that point, and very much set the scene for what I did in the following decade."