15 febbraio 2021


Alcune scene dal Turner in Uri presentato in prima mondiale al festival Alpentöne di Altdorf (Svizzera) il 15 agosto 2003: sono nella proposta della settimana del WestbrookJazz Moving Picture Show, con una dedica al compianto Jon Hiseman.

Written for a cast of some 60 performers, Mike Westbrook's score brings together two vocal soloists, jazz and classical, with choir, jazz-rock group and brass band. Kate Westbrook's libretto and the 75- minute film of her paintings that accompanies the performance, celebrates the travels of the painter Joseph Mallord William Turner in Canton Uri, in the Swiss Alps. When wars in Europe permitted, in the early 19th century, Turner travelled to Switzerland. There he drew and painted ceaselessly producing a huge quantity of work. Turner in Uri conjures up the painter's journey from the Urnersee to the St. Gotthard Pass and over into Italy. He encounters Alps, the River Reuss, a doomed prostitute, violent storms, demons, ghosts of the Grand Tour and the ubiquitous 'Swiss Figures'. The libretto has songs in German, Swiss German, Italian, French, Rumantsch - the five main languages of Switzerland - and in English.