18 marzo 2021


C'è anche un'altra importante ricorrenza westbrookiana all'orizzonte, il cinquantesimo anniversario del suo lavoro con Adrian Mitchell su William Blake, Tyger (1971). Della resistenza e della continua evoluzione di questo splendido materiale scrive in questi giorni Adrian Mann sul diario di WestbrookJazz Notice Board: "The Blake settings which appeared in Tyger have been subject to reworking and recolouring over the years. Others have been added, creating what has come to be known as the Westbrook Blake. The original emphasis on the prophetic and political strands in Blake has remained and been developed to encompass more fully the visionary and the spiritual. Cultural, social and political awareness has been deepened by a growing interaction with Blake's sense of the sacredness of creation and humanity." E lo stesso Mike, in un passaggio raccolto da Jamie Harber di Jazz South, ne ammette il successo e l'attualità: "The Blake songs have been the most viewed on The Moving Picture Show, and this is a time when we all need William Blake".