23 marzo 2021


Quasi delle Variazioni Goldberg per pianoforte virtuale quelle proposte da David Borden, oggi più che ottantenne, nel suo nuovo album per Cuneiform, tutte dedicate alla bravissima Kathleen Supové. Finanche nel titolo, suo anagramma: Heaven-Kept Soul.

The title Heaven-Kept Soul is an anagram derived from the name Kathleen Supové, the pianist for whom this piece was composed. She is known for her boundary-breaking ways of dissolving the wall between performer and audience. The piece is patterned structurally on The Goldberg Variations by J. S. Bach. It has thirty variations on a theme stated in the beginning by the piano. The compositional challenge is that starting with Variation No. 3, every third variation is a canon at a different interval. Most of the variations are composed for synthesizers accompanying an amplified piano; there are a few variations for solo piano. The synthesizer and sampled sounds have been collected on computers, mapped onto keyboards, and played using a USB keyboard controller and laptop with Reason software. Altogether, the piece requires two USB keyboard/computer performers and one pianist.