05 aprile 2021


E risorge anche Onosante, una registrazione del 2000 frutto della collaborazione di Paul Dunmall con Keith Tippett, Philip Gibbs e Pete Fairclough. La ripubblica la newyorkese 577records, inaugurando una promettente serie dedicata al sassofonista.

Originally recorded in 2000 for a small 100-copy release, Onosante has become a 4-track improvisational project suspended in time. Performed by Paul Dunmall (saxophones, fife, bagpipes), Keith Tippett (piano), Philip Gibbs (guitar) and Pete Fairclough (drums), the album is a deeply creative testament to collaboration, with particularly interesting instrumentation and a characteristic warmth. The compositions are complex but never crowded, conveying a poetic ease between the performers, in what Dunmall calls “a revelation” and “a mini-masterpiece of improvised music”. This release marks the 20-year anniversary of its first publication, the memory of Keith Tippett’s recent passing and the first of many releases from legendary UK musician Paul Dunmall later this year on 577 Records.