23 aprile 2021


Pedro Costa di Clean Feed invita tutti a unirsi per festeggiarne i primi vent'anni. Con uno sguardo fiducioso al futuro per almeno altri venti: "Clean Feed started out in 2001, I was 32 now I’m 20 years older. Might have happened the same to you. We’ve seen rainy days and we’ve seen sunny days, more sun than rain as we live in a country called Portugal where we started twenty years ago. Our country doesn’t support culture as it should and brands don’t support this crazy music. Twenty years passed and that didn’t change. In twenty years the music we released reached some amount of people over nearly 600 records. We started with the goal of releasing 2/3 records a year thinking ‘who’d want to release a record on a Portuguese label except for a Portuguese?’ Then we realized many did and still do and the Portuguese scene had grown so much over twenty years to the point where we have to run in order to keep up with them. We are a crew of four working on a daily basis, me, Travassos, Ricardo and Madalena with Ilidio very close whenever necessary. I want to thank every musician we worked with in these 20 years, they made us. Cheers to all of you, 20 more please."