05 maggio 2021


Non poteva che essere Eugene Chadbourne a trascrivere per banjo la celebre opera di Olivier Messiaen sul canto degli uccelli. E l'ha fatto! Il primo volume di Messiaen's Catalogue of Birds for Banjos è già pronto e, a complemento, tra qualche giorno si potranno ammirare al Trinosophes di Detroit anche molti suoi dipinti e manufatti artistici messi a punto approfittando dei tempi concessi dalla pandemia. Soggetto principale: uccelli!

"It was the inspiration for my collection of Insect and Western pieces - dice Chadbourne - I was receptive to Olivier Messiaen’s profound faith in a composer exalting the glories of nature. With all touring off from 2020 into 2021 and the time-consuming task of organizing such ventures also absent, it was time to sink my teeth into something other than ducks and chickens. I am using an arsenal of banjos mostly made by Deering: the basic 5-string, 5-string with expanded hoop, fretless 5-string and the 12 string banjo, plus another 5-string made by Regal. I have created tunings based on the scores and also use all the standard banjo tunings, detailing fingerings and looking for ways of covering all the keyboard notes with the maximum of five pitches available at any one time on these banjos. La Bouscarle is one of the longer works in the catalog: this is part one. It was recorded through 2021 in my home studio and the surrounding outdoors, in the latter case allowing various North Carolina birds to have their say."