06 maggio 2021


Festeggia questo mese trent'anni di attività la newyorkese Downtown Music Gallery con varie iniziative diffuse in rete e alcune in presenza presso l'attuale sede di Monroe Street a Chinatown. Ai molti sostenitori locali e internazionali invia un saluto direttamente Bruce Lee Gallanter: "May 1st is the actual anniversary of Downtown Music Gallery, 30 years to the day! I am immensely proud of all we’ve accomplished since we opened out doors on 211 East 5th St. in the East Village. Special thanks to all of the well-wishers who’ve written to us or come down in the past month, we do appreciate your kind words of support! We, here at DMG, are going to celebrate for the entire month with some live outdoor events, some in-store on-line events and a series of on-line episodes of donated videos from many of our musician friends, as well as several compilations of one minute excerpts from performances recorded at the store throughout our long history. The on-line events will be put up on our YouTube channel as soon as we can. Thanks to all of you for your ongoing support. 30 years is a long time for any business, especially a record store (non-essential for some, ongoing inspiration for others) and especially in the Capitalist/Greedy Jungle of NYC. Join me in drinking (or imbibing) a toast to DMG, just turned 30 and we are still doing fine!"

Downtown Music Gallery
13 Monroe Street
New York, NY 10002-7351
(between Catherine and Market Streets in Manhattan's Chinatown)
"F" to East Broadway stop
Tel: 212 473-0043