07 maggio 2021


Uno sguardo al passato, con l'intenzione però di pensare anche al futuro: la Winter & Winter festeggia 35 anni di attività e lancia una nuova collezione antologica, My Choice, affidandola agli artisti stessi. Ad inaugurarla è Guy Klucevsek.

Scrivono Mariko Takahashi e Stefan Winter: "It is difficult for us to put recording works into words. We are not authors, critics or musicologists. Actually, we want to let the works speak. For us, certain things can only be expressed through music and sound art. Our work began 35 years ago with the label JMT and has been continued and expanded for the past 25 years under the label Winter & Winter. Anniversaries invite us to venture a kind of retrospective: 'Looking back towards the future' (we were inspired by the motto of the X Documenta). But it's not us who direct, it's the artists. They make their selection, determine the order of the music pieces and present their own choice: My Choice. Guy Klucevsek opens the programme, followed month by month this year by further choices from Jim Black, Uri Caine, the tango musician Andrés Linetzky to Aarón Zapico and his baroque orchestra Forma Antiqva."