19 maggio 2021


Altra ipotesi di Aymeric Leroy, accompagnata su FB da uno scatto di Mike King del novembre 1976, caso mai si compilasse un secondo volume di rarità e pezzi mancanti dei National Health: "Should a volume 2 of National Health rarities ever appear, I've always thought it would be great to begin with this, the demo of Tenemos Roads (recorded, with Bill Bruford still on drums, on 6 January 1977 at The Point, Victoria, London, the exact same location where the first NH was recorded three months later), but (obviously) in pristine sound quality. It would be followed, as on the album, by Brujo from the September 1976 BBC session. Then we'd have the two tracks (both unreleased) from the November 1977 BBC session (A Legend In His Own Lunchtime and The Collapso). That in itself is more than enough for a vinyl album, but on a CD there'd be plenty more room left for rarities from the fabled vaults... Meanwhile, what we have is this - listenable enough for now." Perché no?