28 giugno 2021


A un anno esatto dalla scomparsa Confront Recordings porge omaggio a Simon H. Fell pubblicando un estratto da un suo concerto del 2018 al Cafe Oto londinese assieme a Mark Wastell e Alex Ward in cui venne eseguito in pubblico per la prima volta il brano di Derek Bailey With Apologies To G. Brecht.

"This cryptic text score has an explicit relation to the work of George Brecht; during the late 1960s Bailey had played Brecht pieces with Gavin Bryars, John Tilbury, Evan Parker and others in the ‘Instelimp’ group, which preceded the Music Improvisation Company (Bailey may also have had personal contact with Brecht, who lived in London from 1968 to 1971).Whether Bailey’s piece is influenced by Fluxus or represents a reaction against the movement is a matter of debate; like many Fluxus scores the text is non-specific, and requires considerable input from the realising musician(s) – although it is also possible that the score that survives is actually incomplete. For this first performance Simon Fell has prepared a version which reflects the growing exclusiveness of Bailey’s commitment to improvisation at the end of the 60s. Performers are required to turn-over instructional cards, complete a household chore then improvise."