06 giugno 2021


Viene diffusa in streaming oggi una nuova maratona sonora ideata e prodotta dai tre storici direttori artistici di Bang On The Can, Michael Gordon, David Lang e Julia Wolfe. Il tema scelto questa volta è la canzone, sviluppato attraverso il contributo di quindici diversi autori - tra cui Anna Clyne, Julius Eastman, Fred Frith e Charles Amirkhanian - con molti lavori commissionati ad hoc e alcune anteprime: Marathon of Song.

The Bang on a Can Marathon of Song features 15 performances streamed from musicians’ homes around the country and across the world. For this Marathon, all performances will include some type of vocalization – singing, speaking, murmuring, or other use of the voice. The Marathon will be hosted by Bang on a Can’s artistic directors Michael Gordon, David Lang and Julia Wolfe who will speak to the artists after each performance. “Humming, speaking, crooning, shouting, praying, tuneful, harmonized or noisy, we have spun songs since the beginning of our existence. These adventurous composers are redefining what it means to make song, and these powerful performers bring it to life with a myriad of colors and sensibilities.”