13 giugno 2021


Occasione preziosa per riascoltare l'amatissimo Phil Miller nella preparazione domestica e solitaria di alcuni brani destinati a esser pubblicati in forma completa in Cutting Both Ways (Cuneiform, 1989): Solo Demos 84-85.

Scrive Aymeric Leroy: "These solo demos were recorded by Phil using a Fostex 4-track cassette recorder in 1984/85. Obviously the intention was to help the other members of In Cahoots get the feel of each piece, along with the score, rather than a finished product anyone outside that close circle was supposed to ever hear. But this is a fascinating listen for anyone who likes Phil’s music and, particularly, his wonderful multi-layered guitar playing. Unlike his later demos, produced using MIDI, these were made playing instruments in real time, so there’s a strong human element there."