19 giugno 2021

L'ultimo concerto dal vivo dei Pere Ubu prima della sospensione causata ovunque dalla pandemia fu a Madrid il 16 gennaio dell'anno scorso, all'Auditorio de Conde Duque. In scaletta l'album The Long Goodbye, in formazione David Thomas, Keith Moliné, Gagarin e Chris Cutler. Quel concerto - finora documentato in piccolissima parte su YT - è ora disponibile ufficialmente e per intero via Bandcamp: Conde Duque - The Long Goodbye 16​.​01​.​2020.

The last gig Pere Ubu played before the pandemic caused a lockdown in 2020. The gig was played at the Conde Duque in Madrid as part of the 'Suena Conde Duque' series of shows. The previous night, there was a masterclass with local musicians, run by Chris Cutler and David Thomas. The set features the 2019 album The Long Goodbye in its entirety. Those in possession of the CD format of that album can compare how the show advanced from its first outing, with the 'Montreal' bonus disc included in that package. The show was vibrant and features the songs undergoing variations from the studio recording, thanks to the tendency of this band line-up to enjoy curve balling some improvisations into the mix.