03 giugno 2021


Un'anticipazione del film documentario sugli inarrivabili Brian Poole e David Janssen, cioè Renaldo and The Loaf, è da qualche giorno disponibile in rete, ad esempio su Vimeo: si intitola 23rd Century Giants e Well Dang! lo promette pronto e finito entro la fine dell'anno. Nell'attesa, c'è da sbizzarrirsi - e divertirsi - a confrontare l'originale Gurdy Hurding con l'Hardly Gurning While The World Is Turning appena sfornato da Klanggalerie.

23rd Century Giants is a documentary feature film following the musical careers of Brian Poole and David Janssen, aka Renaldo & the Loaf, an avant-garde duo who have been creating strange and captivating music together since the '70s. Features interviews with the duo and virtually every key figure in their musical lives, unseen photos, unheard music, and comedic cutout animations. 

Renaldo and The Loaf are respectively Brian Poole and David Janssen, two friends who met up in 1970 and decided from then on to create their own music, pursuing their hobby from their bedroom studios. Following years of exploration, dead ends and developing experimental techniques, in 1978 they finally distilled their ideas into an album, Behind Closed Curtains, which was due for release on a UK independent label – but which folded at the last minute. A year later Renaldo and The Loaf were born and the self released cassette album, Struve and Sneff, secured them a contract with the San Francisco based Ralph Records, a hugely respected experimental label which was also home of The Residents. They went on to release 5 albums with Ralph, one being a unique collaboration with The Residents. After a long break, Renaldo and The Loaf re-emerged in 2006 and a few years later started a series of re-issues of their back catalogue through Klanggalerie - the albums being remastered and expanded with outtakes and other rare and unreleased tracks.