27 luglio 2021


Altro e ben più corposo omaggio a uno dei protagonisti (anche) di quella stagione è la due giorni tippettiana che si sta programmando sempre più in dettaglio per inizio ottobre a Bristol (Regno Unito): A Celebration of Keith Tippett.

A two day celebration of Keith's musical life will take place on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd October in Bristol hosted by Bristol Beacon and St George's Bristol. This event will be celebrated by almost 60 musicians all connected with Keith is some way. His music will be played and musical tributes to this incredible man will be made. There is an amazing lineup as well as a special four-set Rare Music Club evening which was one of Keith's last wishes. The event has the full support, and has been organised in consultation and with the blessing of his immediate family. Please like and share this event and let's toast this Bristol treasure in the style that he deserves. 

Friday 1 October 2021
Starting off in Bristol Beacon’s foyer in homage to The Rare Music Club, the line features sets by Chris Wood, David Le Page & Philip Sheppard, Theo May and Paul Dunmall; a varied tapestry of talent that captures the diversity of the artists who inhabited the club over its various incarnations.

Saturday 2 October 2021
A packed programme on Saturday takes over St George’s from midday to late night. Starting with a duo double bill of Matthew Bourne & Glen Leach (the Tippett-Bourne 2019 tour was to be Keith’s last) plus Julie Tippetts & Maggie Nicols. The afternoon concert features Granite to Wind Septet with a stellar line up including Ben Waghorn, James Gardiner-Bateman, and Kevin Figes - all of whom played on the 2011 recording. Keith had been busy recruiting this line-up, with him as pianist, for a gig that was to be scheduled to play a benefit for Louis Moholo in Bath on 14 June 2020 - sadly to be the day on which he died. Paired with Dreamtime the concert reflects Keith’s strong international connections, not least with exiled musicians from South Africa. The closing concert opens with Keith’s long term Mujician collaborators; Paul Dunmall and Paul Rogers, and culminates in an extremely special tribute, The Keith Tippett Celebration Orchestra.