07 luglio 2021


Dopo l'album con il gruppo Sunwatchers pubblicato tre anni fa - il graffiante 3 Characters - Jim McHugh incontra nuovamente Eugene Chadbourne, stavolta a tu per tu a casa sua a Greensboro, per un altro excursus intergenerazionale nella canzone d'autore e di protesta, recuperando variamente Shockabilly, Woody Guthrie, Nick Drake, un celebre inno degli Industrial Workers of The World, Little Feat e addirittura Ten Years After. E a sorpresa salta fuori anche Jimmy Carl Black: Bad Scene.

'Bad Scene' is a blistering set of freeform improv and overdriven songcraft from Sunwatchers main man McHugh and veteran improviser Chadbourne, who's played alongside Keiji Haino, Derek Bailey, Sun City Girls and others. Recorded early last year, McHugh captured the jams in single takes on a portable rig, overdubbing where necessary to create "full-band vibes". The result is a surprisingly timely set of angry protest jams, singing across boundaries to multiple generations of Americans. By torching the boundaries of rock 'n roll, jazz, blues and country, they make a racket that sounds surprisingly timely, and very much on point.