09 luglio 2021


Le percussioni di Kuljit Bhamra, Evelyn Glennie e Charles Hayward si incontrano per la prima volta in un sorprendente concerto al Cafe Oto londinese organizzato in alleanza con Trestle Records, promotrice della bella serie One Day Band: 24.8.19.

Trestle Records is a London based label dedicated to new instrumental music. Alongside a programme of new LP releases the label also hosts the One Day Band sessions. Musicians are invited to a fully engineered studio to make a record in a day. A multitude of artists have been invited to participate from a variety of backgrounds and genres of music. The participants are either selected by the label or a musician is invited to curate the session themselves. The idea is to facilitate an environment for musicians to meet and collaborate on an improvised endeavour. The results are then hosted on the Trestle Records website to be listened to in a developing archive reflecting and celebrating the concept. The musicians involved are sent the mixed edits of the days recordings to comment upon before we eventually post them on line. It's an incredibly collaborative and respectful process where the musicians invited are often playing together and meeting for the first time.