17 luglio 2021


Dopo numerosi rinvii vede oggi la luce Broken Gargoyles, progetto di Diamanda Galás ideato assieme a Daniel Neumann l'anno scorso, nei mesi più tremendi dell'inizio pandemia: viene presentato in pubblico in forma di installazione sonora, senza la presenza di Diamanda, questa sera ad Hannover (Germania) nella storica - ed emblematica - Nikolaikapelle.

Broken Gargoyles is a sound installation by the American singer, composer, and pianist Diamanda Galás, which she composed in 2020 during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. She worked with the artist and sound designer Daniel Neumann, both remaining in isolation in separate places due to the pandemic - Galás in San Diego and Neumann in New York.

Based on two poems from 1911 by the German poet Georg Heym, "Das Fieberspital" and "Die Dämonen der Stadt", the work consists of natural and heavily processed voices, manipulated piano, and various other sound sources. In addition, parts of Galás’s 2020 album De-Formation: Piano Variations, A Work for Solo Piano were added, as well as excerpts from verses from "Das Fieberspital" performed by the artist Robert Knoke.

Broken Gargoyles is being presented in the ruins of the Nikolaikapelle, built around 1250 in Hannover, which was located outside the city wall at the time and served as a quarantine for those who suffered from the plague and leprosy in the Middle Ages. Diamanda Galás will not be present due to the Covid-19 pandemic.