20 luglio 2021


Michael Mantler riprende alcune delle musiche a lui più care - da 13 and 3/4Cerco un paese innocenteAlienFolly Seeing All ThisFor Two e Hide And Seek - e le ricompone in forma di brevi suite per orchestra: Coda-Orchestra Suites, per Ecm, registrato a Vienna al Porgy & Bess dove a settembre tornerà dal vivo per presentare Concertos.

"I have always considered myself an orchestral composer, even when, mostly economical, circumstances dictated smaller ensembles, at times even down-sized to the absolute minimum, such as the duets of Alien and For Two. This time I did not retain the original instrumentations, but settled on what seems to be my current favorite - a chamber orchestra consisting of flute, oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet, french horn, trombone, tuba, guitar, piano, marimba / vibraphone, plus a string section, normally a string quintet, as used on my previous album Comment C'est, but this time enlarged to 16 players. Unlike the Big Band used for the Jazz Composer's Orchestra Update, very much a jazz-based ensemble with a more or less traditional rhythm section, the orchestra used for the current suites consists mostly of classical musicians with a smaller number of jazz musicians/soloists included, which still anchors the music in an environment clearly coming from jazz."