05 agosto 2021


Cuneiform Records ripristina in digitale gli album dei No Safety usciti per Knitting Factory Works a inizio anni Novanta - Spill e Live at the Knitting Factory - e a quelli aggiunge l'inedito Live in Italy 1994 tratto dall'infuocato concerto tenuto al Vorax/Ottomat di Alte Montecchio (Vi) il 30 gennaio 1994. Tutto disponibile via Bandcamp, libretti inclusi.

Live in Italy catches the band - Chris Cochrane, Kato Hideki, Zeena Parkins, Ann Rupel and Tim Spelios - in all its fury, going out in a blaze at the end of their final tour. Threats to personal safety cast a long shadow over present times. Police violence and a deadly virus occupy the headlines. It’s easy these days to feel unsafe. Thirty years ago, there was a different virus in the headlines, and police violence barely made the news. It was different, unsafe times that produced No Safety. But we might need them now more than ever. No Safety only released three albums during their half dozen years as one of the most vibrant bands in the maelstrom of Downtown experimentalism. They were, they’ll say today, always at their best live. The last album they released during their short life - Live at the Knitting Factory - made the case. The new Live in Italy 1994 seals the deal.