23 agosto 2021


Guarda alla scena storica del jazz britannico a cavallo degli anni Sessanta e Settanta una bella antologia della Decca che recupera brani esemplari di Westbrook, Wheeler, Garrick, Surman, Ardley, Skidmore e Gibbs da varie e disparate fonti, quale preludio a una serie di riedizioni integrali di titoli preziosi e rari: Journeys In Modern Jazz: Britain (1965-1972).

Originally recorded by a selection of iconic labels such as Deram, Argo, EMI, Columbia, Fontana, Mercury and Philips, Decca have done a long overdue favour to fans of British jazz by releasing this sumptuous package of rare cuts. Many LP copies from this period fetch astronomical sums on the collectors market and many have been hard, or impossible, to find on CD. Their collectibility may be due to their scarcity but, now these choice tracks have been reissued and superbly remastered, this hugely important generation of legendary British jazz artists can now be re-confirmed as the maverick pioneers they truly are.