21 agosto 2021


Sulla scena newyorkese a partire dagli anni Novanta era piuttosto conosciuto e apprezzato sia come percussionista che successivamente come esperto di theremin, ha registrato e fatto concerti con Ikue Mori, Samm Bennett, Elliott Sharp, God Is My Co-Pilot, John Zorn e LaDonna Smith, con una lunga vicinanza musicale e personale a Karen Mantler con la quale comparve tra l'altro nel wyattiano CuckoolandMichael Evans è scomparso pochi giorni fa: "I’ve known Michael Evans for nearly three decades: a fine drummer, instrument-maker and all ‘round nice guy - così lo ricorda Bruce Lee Gallanter di Downtown Music Gallery - and I had caught him in several bands throughout the many years: God is My Co-Pilot, EasSidePercussion, Fulminate Trio with Anders Nilsson and duos with LaDonna Smith and Jeff Arnal. I know that Michael lived with composer Karen Mantler for many years and they worked on her album together Karen Mantler’s Pet Project. What I remember the most about Michael Evans was this: after a set in the store several years ago, I had heard that he was a big fan of the South African Avant jazz scene and I asked if it was true. He said that the Blue Notes, Brotherhood of Breath and their offshoots were some of his favorite music of all. I felt the same way about this music so we talked about that music for several hours afterwords, listening and commenting on what we knew or wanted to know more about. He said he had a band that played this music but they only played on rare occasions. Jeez, I wish I had heard them live."