12 settembre 2021


David Thomas ha voluto intervenire in prima persona anche per il nuovo missaggio dei due album dei Pere Ubu prodotti a cavallo del millennio, Pennsylvania (1998) e St. Arkansas (2002), ripubblicati in questi giorni da Fire Records in digitale, cd e vinile colorato. L'iniziativa è sottolineata da due podcast nella serie UbuDub e da un concerto in diretta streaming in programma oggi a partire dalle ore 20.00, cui partecipano anche Gagarin e Keith Moliné. 

"Pere Ubu will be performing songs from the two albums released on Friday 10th September. As anyone who has seen Pere Ubu will tell you, each concert is different. This will be no exception. The songs will be recreated in front of your eyes, taking on whatever they will be that night in that place. You are all invited. Remember, we are Pere Ubu. Therefore we will not be relaying the songs from Pennsylvania and St Arkansas in order to recreate the studio sound, parrot-fashion. This will be as it happens, real-time, live is live and we don't know what the final result will be till it happens. After all, that's half the fun, right? And we are Pere Ubu, so the result will inevitably be the unexpected."