23 settembre 2021


Ben più attuali, e tutte segnate dalle condizioni imposte dalla pandemia, sono le registrazioni casalinghe di Man Out Of Time prodotte da Dave Newhouse per Manna/Mirage. Tra i numerosi collaboratori vicini e lontani figurano Guy Segers, Carla Diratz, Bret Hart, Rich O'Meara e Fred Frith. Proprio a quest'ultimo è dedicato uno dei brani in scaletta, Fred's Dream: "This was composed just before the Pandemic isolation began. Fred Frith's great band was scheduled to appear at one of our beloved venues in Washington DC called Rhizome, and the night before I had a dream that I was at the concert. For some reason it was not at Rhizome but at a high school auditorium. We were seated in folding metal chairs looking up at the stage area with the curtains drawn closed. Suddenly, we heard a pop band start up behind us. I remember thinking to myself that that can't be Fred's group, it's too normal, too poppy. So we all turned around in our chairs and looked at the back of the auditorium, and sure enough it wa Fred's band set up and playing this wonderful pop tune! And then I woke up. And ran downstairs to the studio and recorded the chords, beat, and melody from that pop song that was still in my head. What you hear on this track is exactly what I dreamt. (Thank you, Muses!) I had Sean and Jerry add drums and bass to it and then I sent it on to Fred and told him the story. And somewhere in our back-and-forth correspondences, I asked him if he'd consider playing a solo on it (after all, it is "Fred's Dream"), and he said yes. Needless to say, I am over the moon to have him as a guest on this song. It just had to be."