29 settembre 2021


Un libro per avvicinarsi al mondo compositivo di Misha Mengelberg (1935-2017), con una settantina di suoi brani raccolti e curati da Michael Moore: Mishakosmos-The Music of Misha Mengelberg.

October 2021 will see the release of the first official book of Misha Mengelberg compositions, Mishakosmos: The Music of Misha Mengelberg. It will be a "real book": hardcover and professionally spiral-bound, featuring more than 75 pieces of Misha's music ready to play or otherwise engage with, designed for fans, teachers, students, and especially the performing musician. Curated and collated by Michael Moore, the list of compositions includes Blues After Piet, Peer's Counting Song, the Rollos, Gare Guillemins, Samba Zombie, Who's Bridge, and of course the perennial favourite De Sprong O Romantiek der Hazen, but also plenty more.