20 settembre 2021

E' pronto per Discus Music il doppio cd che con due registrazioni del 2019 - in studio a Leeds e dal vivo a Londra - documenta i momenti conclusivi dell'intensa collaborazione durata tre anni tra il compianto Keith Tippett e Matthew Bourne: Aeolian.

Spanning a three-year period between 2017-2019, Keith Tippett and Matthew Bourne performed a series of two-piano concerts - nearly all of which were recorded. Discus Music is incredibly proud to make the fruits of this vital work available as a double album, comprising of two beautifully-recorded performances from 2019: a set of individual studio pieces recorded at Leeds Conservatoire is paired with a remarkable live performance from Daylight Music at Union Chapel, London, which sadly proved to be Keith's final public statement.