06 ottobre 2021


Fred Frith parla con Mathias Maschat e con il pubblico dell'Exploratorium berlinese del ruolo centrale dell'improvvisazione nel corso della sua lunga esperienza. L'Exploratorium è un luogo pressoché unico in Germania, aperto nel 2004 da Matthias Schwabe e interamente deputato alla promozione, allo studio e alla pratica delle musiche (e altro) di libera improvvisazione. Così nel suo manifesto: "Improvisation offers the opportunity to invent music, and to do so without notation. Moreover, this form of creativity is special because it takes place in a group setting. Like in a good conversation, the players develop ideas, which they would not have been able to find otherwise, by inspiring each other. In the Exploratorium we focus on so-called free improvisation, which needs neither scales nor harmony or rhythm schemes. The sound as such is the basis of music invention. Learning improvising and improvising learning is about collecting experiences in forming music, understanding music from the inside out and getting involved in the musical flow. That requires alertness in every moment and intense listening to the other players as well as to the collective musical process. Free improvisation means taking responsibility and contributing your own impulses while simultaneously adapting to a collective at any moment. Learning this is learning for life. To experience this in concert means to participate in a special adventure."