20 ottobre 2021


I più lo ricordano come C.W. Vrtacek nei lavori da solista o con Forever Einstein: a tre anni dalla scomparsa i Biota rendono omaggio a Charles O'Meara (1953-2018), loro fraterno amico e assiduo collaboratore, pubblicando uno dei materiali tratti dalla raccolta di video cui stava lavorando, rimasta incompiuta: Where No One Knows, un brano quasi a conclusione della splendida sequenza di Half a True Day (ReR, 2007).

Chuck was an essential creative energy in Biota for decades. Over long distances, he connected with our process and our thinking regarding sound in ways that still astonish. Some form of wild telepathy was at work that will remain a mystery. As Chuck initiated work on film accompaniment to Funnel to a Thread, he began to collect passive landscape footage from points across the globe - a sly watchman intercepting blinks in a day. His Funnel film work remains unfinished, though the components have been carefully archived by his lifelong friend, Tom Macbeth. Our editing of Chuck's own camerawork in combination with this serendipitous material is premiered here: Where No One Knows, a passage from Half a True Day. We press on in honor of our dear friend.