12 ottobre 2021

Prosegue con Nautilus e Rue Du Poisson Noire la serie The Tyranny of Fiction inaugurata i mesi scorsi dal prodigioso Allen Ravenstine: "The cheeky series title hints at a tension that's fundamental to these recordings. Ravenstine's use of genre suggests it's almost a literary device to him - unsurprising, given his forays into the realm prose. Styles will often allude to underlying thematic or narrative elements. However, friction begins to arise when this is juxtaposed with his surreal sense of orchestration. He takes pure electronic sound, nuggets of real-world recordings, live instrumentation and the latter's sampled counterparts and stirs them all together vigorously. This makes for decidedly unfaithful reproductions of the various musical idioms his composition cite, leaving the listener to contend with constant dissonance - every feature of the music feels at once completely familiar and utterly inscrutable." L'intera serie - quattro ep raggruppati in due confezioni digipak - è disponibile presso Waveshaper Media via Bandcamp.