07 novembre 2021


Questa sera dalle 20.00 alle 23.00 Elliott Sharp e Janene Higgins illustrano in modalità webinar forme e contenuti del loro lavoro sull'opera portando ad esempio tre loro recenti realizzazioni: Port Bou, Filiseti Mekidesi e Die Größte Fuge. L'intervento, dal titolo Portable Opera: Sight, Sound, and Space, è inserito nel ricco programma di Biennale Architettura 2021 di Venezia presso il Padiglione Italia (virtuale).

This workshop by Janene Higgins and Elliott Sharp gives an overview of their varied and flexible strategies for creating and staging operas. With venues ranging from mammoth decommissioned power plants to intimate galleries, Higgins and Sharp use video projection and sound design to transform these spaces into set and settings for their spectacles. Their recent collaborations include Port Bou, about the suicide of Walter Benjamin; Filiseti Mekidesi, a combination opera and installation on migration and sanctuary; and their most recent work, Die Größte Fuge; a counterfactual opera about Ludwig Beethoven's composition of Die Größe Fuge as a function of a delusionary mental state that allows him to travel to our time and witness the horrors and beauties of modern life. Higgins and Sharp will each speak about their work as well presenting examples from recent productions. In addition, they will field questions.