08 novembre 2021


Si conclude l'opera editoriale Arcana iniziata da John Zorn venticinque anni fa allo scopo di indagare teorie e pratiche delle musiche del nostro tempo attraverso le riflessioni, i contributi, i racconti e le esperienze dirette di amici e colleghi musicisti, studiosi, compositori e sperimentatori sul campo, per un totale di oltre trecento nomi coinvolti. Tra i presenti nell'ultimo volume, il decimo, ci sono Oren Ambarchi, Peter Blegvad, Annea Lockwood e Henry Threadgill.

Initiated in 1997 and now in its tenth and final installment, John Zorn's acclaimed Arcana series is a major source of new music theory and practice in the 21st century. Illuminating directly via the personal vision and experience of the practitioners themselves, who experience music not from a cool, safe distance, but from the white-hot center of the creative crucible itself, Arcana elucidates through essays, manifestos, scores, interviews, notebooks and critical papers. Over 25 years the ten volumes of Arcana have presented the writings of over 300 of the most extraordinary musical thinkers of our time, who address composing, performing, improvising, touring, collaborating, living and thinking about music from diverse, refreshing and often surprising perspectives. Technical, philosophical, political, artistic and mystical in nature, these writings provide direct connections to the creative processes and hidden stratagems of musicians from the worlds of classical, rock, jazz, film soundtrack, improvised music and more.