09 novembre 2021


Torna l'ineffabile Rova con uno splendido album pubblicato dalla Esp-Disk, The Circumference of Reason. Con un doppio omaggio a Glenn Spearman (1947-1998) e una duplice versione di un complesso brano collettivo sperimentato più volte in concerto, prima della pandemia, con esito ogni volta diverso: "This recording features two distinctly different versions of NC17, another in the series of Rova’s structured-improvisations, all of which have been designed using an ever-expanding set of visual and aural cues that the quartet has invented, or borrowed and adapted. On its face, NC17 is simply a specific set of conceptual options to cue in, in any order, and to then explore, populating the spontaneously chosen series of cued events with immersive music/sounds/energies etc. The group creates a palpable sonic architecture for each new performance of the piece. Even as we write this, we can say that the takes of NC17 you will hear on this CD are unique; no one take of NC17 can be exactly the same as any other take of NC17."