11 novembre 2021


Molto c'è da attendersi anche dal primo box antologico dei Muffins, affidato direttamente a Steve Feigenbaum: "Things are moving along nicely - trova il tempo di scrivere Dave Newhouse tra una pennellata e l'altra, ora che dopo il ritiro dall'insegnamento dipingere è diventata per lui attività quasi a tempo pieno - Steve Feigenbaum is in charge of assembling the actual music / discs in the box, which is the perfect choice; Steve was there from the beginning, he knows the Muffoons intimately, and he can bring a more objective perspective to the box. He and Ian Beabout at ShedSounds Studio have already mixed 8 full CDs, and those just cover the beginning thrashings of the band up to our first breakup. Eric Kearns at PhinBot Graphics is working on the box cover and booklet. Much more to come. Stay tuned."