28 novembre 2021

Al concerto di stasera a Londra, al LexingtonLouis Philippe avrà certamente modo di ricordare ancora l'amico e collega David Longdon scomparso tragicamente qualche giorno fa, noto ai più come voce solista dei celebrati Big Big Train ma presente in molte libere avventure del Nostro - e con lui spesso anche dal vivo - da Jackie GirlAzureA Kiss in the Funhouse a My Favourite Part of You e The Wonder of It All, e in diverse altre collaborazioni di pregio (una splendida con Danny MannersDreams Of Harry Beck, e una assai recente con Judy Dyble, Between A Breath and A Breath.)

Ha scritto nei suoi tweet Philippe: "David and I first met thirty years ago. He was an él records fan and had sent me a demo cassette of a song of his, 'Hyeroglyphics Of Love'. I couldn't believe my ears - that voice! Who could this be? We met soon afterwards. It clicked as I'd hoped it would, and we started working together, David contributing guitar, flute and backing vocals to a number of my albums, and joining Danny Manners and me on stage when we played in London. One thing was obvious to me: one day, David would make it big. He had presence, a phenomenal range, huge power, nuance, too. He could belt it (and how!), but he could also deliver a perfect pop vocal. He came very close to replacing Phil Collins in Genesis, but was sidelined at the last moment, which hit him so hard - devoting himself fully to music, his lifelong dream, now seemed out of reach. But then, in 2009, for the first time, luck smiled at him. He joined Big Big Train. It was a perfect match in so many ways. He grew with the band, the band grew with him (who'd certainly outgrown the 'sideman' I was so lucky to count on for almost a decade), recognition and success followed, which he so richly deserved. We teamed up again for English Electric, when he asked me to write string arrangements for two of his songs, one of the best assignments I was ever given in this capacity. After a wonderful show at the Empire, he suggested that, perhaps, we could do it again. But we won't. And it hurts like hell to know that this beautiful man is no more, that all we have now are recordings and videos to feed our memories of him."