10 novembre 2021


C'è molto da attendersi dal nuovo Couple in Spirit per il quale Julie Tippetts sta utilizzando alcune registrazioni del compianto Keith. L'album potrebbe esser pronto a metà dell'anno prossimo, forse anche prima: lo comunica Martin Archer di Discus Music, che a sua volta ha pronto un nuovo album in duo con Julie, Illusion: "Now that travel is possible Julie is able to come to Discus Music Studio to work on the album. During the sustained lockdown period Julie has selected piano music from her archive of Keith's recordings and has worked on the texts she intends to use. We have also now completed work on our own duo album Illusion - so the field is clear to make Couple In Spirit the subject of our next recording session. I am envisaging an official Discus Music release in July 2022 - but in reality is likely that the cd will be completed and manufactured some time before that date, and we plan to make it available to subscribers in advance of the official release date. We know that once completed, this music will prove to have been worth the wait, and we hope you will agree."