13 dicembre 2021


E tornano disponibili presso Burning Shed i due capitoli della storia alternativa degli amatissimi Hatfield and the North pubblicati nel 2005 e 2006, Hatwise Choice e Hattitude. Chi li ha persi a suo tempo non lo rifaccia ora. Le ristampe contengono anche i libretti originali, il primo dei quali si apre con una nota personale di Jonathan Coe.

Hatwise Choice is the band's own selection of unreleased material culled from their tape archive. It consists of over 68 minutes of live concert tapes and radio recordings, the latter mastered from first generation sources. The gig tapes show aspects of Hatfield's music never before heard on record - on stage, the tight control of the group's studio work is replaced by a looser, improvisatory approach. Flashes of humour give way to frightening electronic landscapes, interspersed with extended arrangements of the band's compositions and occasional moments of utter musical madness. 

Hattitude gives a rare insight into the band's live performances at a time of rapid musical development, charting their evolution from early gigs (including one recorded in the swirly psychedelic acoustics of Amsterdam's Paradiso club) through to the more sophisticated arrangements of 1975. En route there are moments of surreal humour and instrumental virtuosity, coupled with instances of sheer sonic savagery which reveal the extent of the madness in the group's method. Virtually all the material is from first generation audio sources which have been digitally restored, ensuring good sound quality throughout.