14 dicembre 2021


Grazie a Chris Topley, che ne ha predisposto la versione in download, torna disponibile il ricercatissimo secondo album della Mike Westbrook Brass Band, Goose Sauce, uscito in LP nel 1978 su Original Records e ripreso poi in cd nel 2007 da Birdsong per il solo mercato giapponese. In formazione c'erano Mike e Kate Westbrook, Phil Minton, Dave Chambers, Paul Rutherford, George Khan e Trevor Tomkins; le registrazioni vennero effettuate in studio sul finire del 1977 e l'inizio del 1978, a ridosso della storica alleanza con Henry Cow e Frankie Armstrong che produsse dal vivo i concerti dell'Orckestra - alcuni anche in Italia - e gettò le basi per le successive avventure con Georgie Born e Lindsay Cooper.

Ricorda Mike: "Goose Sauce was the Brass Band's 'difficult' second album. Yet listening four decades later I realise what a lively and creative time this was for the band. Since the original five - Phil, Kate, Dave, Paul and me - we had added saxophonist George Khan and, controversially, percussionist Trevor Tomkins. The experience of performing in a variety of situations, European touring and some bizarre collaborations had strengthened our nerve. The sound of the band had become denser, heavier. Where the 1975 album For the Record had no fewer than eighteen tracks, the pieces on Goose Sauce were fewer, longer. The repertoire was still very much thrown together. We had not yet arrived at the integrated jazz cabaret of Mama ChicagoGoose Sauce was an ad hoc mix. Anything that worked, that fired up or amused the band was included. So political song, street music, cod folk tunes, jazz and theatre classics, circus and panto music, all went into the pot, along with lashings of improvisation."