22 dicembre 2021


Solstizio d'inverno in compagnia del meno gradito degli ospiti, e con tanta rabbia: Caroline Kraabel, Covid Solstice.

Scrive: "Isolating with Covid 19, symptoms not severe because vaccinated. These were recorded on my phone because of having to stay in one room away from people. Assessing impact on saxophone playing. Considerable physical effects, but unexpected mental derangement too. Not nearly as deranged as the fact the UK has been "led" through this pandemic by an overprivileged overpromoted cabal of irresponsible neo-liberal extremist men (almost all men) who have allowed tens of thousands to die who could easily have been saved, including many friends and colleagues. UK death rates and economic damage are among the worst in the world. The only thing they have been successful in doing is undermining the brilliant NHS and corruptly directing vast sums to their cronies."